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When shopping, clothing stores tend to use a clever, psychological trick. They place the sale items at the back of the store, so you are forced to walk past the full price items. I’m sure you can guess why that is, and it works!
Unfortunately, there is no way to do that on a website. So, how do you keep your customer on your website?
Whether it is a new or existing website, whether you are selling chocolate or offering a service, that is one goal every website has in common. This calls for change.

1. Give your website a certain look and feel which resonates with your audience and the offering.

2. Don’t forget to make the customer journey on your website as easy as possible. It’s a big world out there, if they are struggling on your website, they will move to your competitor.

What we offer

Responsive website layouts and designs to enhance your brand, its values and its offering.

User-friendly and easily navigated


Driven by user experience

SEO friendly

Conversion based e-commerce solutions available. From choosing the most suitable e-commerce platform to planning, integration, and launching, we analyse and plan each step to build your website.


I was delighted, with the work Connect4Digital provided, especially as I know our needs are not like most, we have a board of trustee’s so to get everyone delighted is rare! Fatima was brilliant throughout and helped us serve our patients especially during covid, to stay in touch. We know 63 pages is a lot! But thanks Again.

Thanks Connect4Digital for helping us out – we didn’t know about how domains or websites are built, so to do everything from scratch you saved a lot of time.




We have our community radio station, which receives around 60,000 listners a month, so our needs are besoke. Right from the start they knew what to do, and where we were going along with our theme. Delighted, for over 25 years we are an independent adio station, and excited to see the app developed

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